How I got started making all natural skincare products

A few years ago I realized that I was spending too much money on skincare products which were packed full of chemicals. Some of these chemicals are actually dangerous and potentially may cause damage to your body as well as cancer causing agents.

My boyfriend handed me a single $100 bill and told me to see what I can make out of it. I did just that, I spent countless hours researching, making, and testing different things until I was able to perfect my products. Once I was able to do that he suggested why not make my products for others to enjoy as well.

I have learned how to keep my cost low so I can keep the price low for my customers. I have since been taking classes in Aromatherapy and skincare to bring more for less to you all. I appreciate every single customer and potential customer. I take pride in making products chemical free that work the same as the high dollar products.

Thank you for visiting and shopping with my store Mind, Body & Soul Skincare